What is Orkidstudio?

Founded in 2008, Orkidstudio is a humanitarian design organisation whose focus is to benefit children and communities through innovative design and construction.

The most basic of human needs is that of shelter...

We believe that creativity has the power to inspire and instil pride within people regardless of race, nationality or circumstance and our aim is to explore the potential of architecture as a tool for relieving poverty, transforming lives, and promoting sustainable urban and social development.

Our projects focus on the process of design and construction rather than just the final product. We believe this process can be a powerful tool for affecting social change and empowering people through the sharing of skills and knowledge on site.

Hands on making and simple detailing are at the centre of our work and we are committed to exploring methods of building which make economic and environmental sense, collaborating with those we aim to help in developing new knowledge and architectural values.

We believe that through providing buildings and implementing programmes that create opportunities for enterprise and learning, we can work hand in hand with the people we aim to help to ensure lasting benefit and promising futures.