What is Orkidstudio?

Founded in 2008 by James Mitchell, Julissa Kiyenje and Su Mei Tan, Orkidstudio is a non-profit humanitarian design organisation whose focus is to benefit young people and communities worldwide through innovative and sustainable architecture, art and design. We believe that creativity has the power to inspire and instill pride within people regardless of race, nationality or circumstance and our aim is to explore the potential of architecture as a tool for relieving poverty and those affected by conflict or natural disaster.

The most basic of human needs is that of shelter...

Our work is centered on a culture of 'making' and craftsmanship through collaboration with local communities. Throughout this process we involve a broad range of students and professionals across creative and technical industries.

Following the success of our first venture, The Mukono Project in Uganda, our passion grew to use various skills and to raise awareness about the potential of architecture in humanitarian work.

Orkidstudio's construction projects are primarily aimed at helping young people, and during our time on site we run workshops in art, music, sport and assist with education. The children we work with are always kept at the heart of our work and, where safe and possible, involved in the development of the project. Often the design will include their artwork or crafts, helping to promote a strong sense of ownership and community spirit.

We have completed projects across Africa and South America and are always interested in hearing about new oppurtunities to help globally. Orkidstudio is also involved in the design and research of temporary and mobile structures for disaster relief housing and unstable settlements. Please visit our projects page for more information on the full range of our work.